Onan Pre Immigrant Records
Notes on the early records of Aunan(t)

Dated: May 5, 1988
Updated: November 13, 1992
Edited: December 8, 1998

NOTE to the reader. The data presented is supportable, but there is no proven line of descendancy connecting any of the pre-immigrant Onans to those we find in records residing in the USA. Also, there is no proven link between the Onans found in 1820 in Tompkins county New York, and the earlier families of the Carolinas. Hope springs eternal that it be so!


The present ONAN or O'NAN is French from a Huguenot family named AUNAN(T).



Line of emigration to Carolinas; approximately. 1690.

Jean AUNAN and Cibille (Sibille) Dumasse were in Nimes,France at least until the baptism of the child Jean II in 1654. They came to the colony of Carolina in the British possessions of North America sometime 1690 - 1700. (This line of AUNANT is what I consider the Southern line of Onan or O'nan which is traced by others in the USA).

November 2, 1631 marriage Jean AUNAN to Cibille DUMASSE, Nimes France

Infants (known) of the couple Jean AUNAN(T) - Sibille DUMASSE all born and baptized in Nimes.

NN* Feb 2, 1635
Catherine Apr 23, 1637
Jean/Jehan Jul 13, 1639
Antoinette May 6, 1642
Marguerite Dec 10, 1643
Pierre Jan 14, 1645
Barthelemy Mar 6, 1651
Jean II Nov 29, 1654

*probably Antoine or Leonard based on sponsors names

First record in North America

1690, Jean AUNANT, wife Sibelle DUMAS, and child Jean Aunant,
1700, native of Nimes in the "French Quarter" of the province of Carolina.
Source: Transactions of the Huguenot Soc. of South Carolina, No. 5, 1897

Line of emigration to England

The family Pierre AUNANT and Elizabeth SOYER were in England by 1673. They had several children baptized in the French church on Threadneedle Street, London. This is an older section of London and it and a nearby area of Spittlefields comprised a Huguenot stronghold.

English Records

Baptisms Source: Registers of the French Church, Threadneedle Street, London
Mar 9, 1673 AUNANT, Estienne, fils de Pierre A. et Eliz. Soyer sa femme
Feb 13, 1676 AUNANT, Judiph Elesabeth, fille de Pierre A. et Elizabeth Soier
Dec 11, 1678 ONAN, Marie, fille de Pierre O. et Elizabet Soyes **
Jul 4, 1680    AUNANT, Pierre, fils de Pierre A. et d'Elisabeth Soyer
Jun 26 1681 AUNANT, Marie Elizabeth, fille de Pierre A. et deElizabeth Soiez
May 11, 1690 AUNANT, Catherine, fille de Pierre A. et Eliz.
** This record supports the hypothesis of Onan from Aunant

Other church records

Apr 10, 1670 AUNANT, Pierre Tem. de Nimes
Sep 2, 1681 AUNAN, Jean T. Nisme
Jan 8, 1698 ANNAN, Jean et Marie, sa fem, Source: Tesmoingages Threadneedle Street Church, Huguenot Society of London

Apr 18, 1703 Pierre Onam, Source: Registres Des Quartes Eglises -- de West Street -- de Pearl Street -- de Crispin Street, Source: Huguenot Society of London

Aug 17, 1705 Jacques Aunant baptized, P. Jacques Aunant
Aug 23, 1705 Jean AUNANT child of Jacques AUNANT baptized
Jul 16, 1707 Magdelaine Aunant for child BRUYET
1708-13 MM. AUNANT District l'Artillerie, Source: Archives of the French Protestant Church of London, Huguenot Society of London

Other Records

Jul 19, 1760 Aunan, Daniel fils de Pierre, native of Nimes died at age 77, (born 1683?) (Annant - Aunant) Source: French Protestant Hospital of London, Source: Coqueau Charity 1745- 1901

David W. Onan II