Grant Guidelines

D. W. Onan with Sister Kenny 1951

The Onan Family Foundation makes grants only to pre-selected organizations, and does not accept unsolicited grant requests. The purpose of the following statement is twofold.
1) Information to those from whom we have requested a grant proposal.
2) A reminder to our ongoing recipients that we want a request from them each year.

The Onan Family Foundation makes grants to tax exempt organizations in the areas of education, social welfare, cultural and civic affairs, and religion. We have a strong interest in programs which center in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota.

We do not make grants to individuals or to organizations which attempt to influence legislation. carry on propaganda, or participate or intervene in any political campaign. We prefer not to make grants for endowment purposes, to capital funds, or for trips or tours.

The Board of Trustees meets bi-annually. Requests should be submitted to:

Onan Family Foundation
P.O. Box 50667
Minneapolis MN 55405

Grant requests should be made using the Minnesota Common Grant Application Form. You may include additional information if you like.